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Client acquisition


Onboard clients more efficiently

One of the most important components of your firm's success is the ability to bring new clients on board. Tessaract simplifies the process by automating the intake process to save you valuable time and money while making the experience seamless for clients.


Review clients quickly and smoothly

Quickly review different potential client profiles to pinpoint which suit your speciality accurately. Quickly identify duplicate client profiles or potential conflicts of interest with Tessaract's global search. 


Engage with clients remotely

Forget about mundane customer management tasks by fully automating intake documents, email reminders, notifications, and much, much more. Share important documents with clients through our secure and seamless platform without having to meet up in person.

Case organization & management


Manage every detail of a case

Easily set individual tasks for various members of your firm's team with customizable tags. Link people through appointments and email reminders. Receive real-time updates regarding specific project requirements.


See all cases from a single place

Gain increased control and enhanced organization by accessing all of your cases in a single platform. Simply sign in to interact with various elements of each client through our cloud-based system, no matter where you are or what time it is.


Automate everyday tasks

Free up time by automating routine, everyday tasks such as document creation, email scheduling, and task management. You can easily automate various responsibilities through the Tessaract law practice management software so you can focus on more pressing demands.

Payment & billing


Make it easier for clients to pay

Give your clients a streamlined and flexible payment experience by allowing various payment types. You can accept a wide range of payment solutions via the Tessaract, making it easier for your team too!


Track your cash flow more efficiently

Easily keep track of your firm's expenses and income by automatically tracking the flow of capital. Stay on top of your company's earnings to make more accurate decisions for the firm's growth.


Centralize various billing components

Forget about using a dozen different applications to manage your firm's payment and billing. From time tracking to expense management, put everything into a single management system for better organization, greater oversight, and improved security.

Reliable, secure & integrated


Incredible customer support

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable service team is available through email or chat to help your team keep everything running smoothly. Any time you have a question or concern, we're here to help, so your practice remains up and running.



As a law firm, you're dealing with highly sensitive information both regarding your own practice and client data. We've equipped Tessaract with award-winning security so you can rest assured that cyberattacks and cybercriminals are kept at bay.


Unlimited integrations

You already have a functional workflow that has assured your law firm's ongoing success. Tessaract is designed to function alongside your favourite software and applications for smooth implementation and transition.


Get your team up to date quickly

The Tessaract law practice management software is user-friendly and intuitively designed for quick and easy adoption. Your team will have no trouble transitioning to the platform and implementing it in their daily workflow. In fact, there’s a good chance they’ll find it easier than what they were doing before. This ease of integration makes for smoother transitions so you can avoid costly delays and disruptions.


Keep what's working, ditch what doesn't

Our leading law practice management software is designed to improve your law firm's success through improved organization and client management. Whether you're looking for a complete firm management solution or need to fill in some gaps in an existing system, Tessaract is the perfect option. It's easy to pick and choose what components you want, and this software is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current workflow. It's compatible with hundreds of apps and software, including GSuite and Outlook.


Trusted by leading law firms across the country

Tessaract has helped countless lawyers improve the success of their practice through superior organisation, improved client acquisition, increased productivity, and a stronger bottom line. Our leading law practice management solution has proven successful for a wide range of firms with positive results from all our clients. Whether you're just starting your practice and need a jolt of growth from the get-go or you've been in business for years and want a competitive advantage against the competition, Tessaract can help you increase your practice's growth.

Frequently asked questions

What does a practice management system do? How can it help me and my firm?
Law practice management software, also known as legal software, helps lawyers with case management, case-related workflows, and legal operations. The software can help you with document management, task management, scheduling and legal calendaring, workflow management, client management and communications. These tools can help legal professionals support both front and back-office workflows, manage client intake, and store confidential information in one secure place on a private cloud.
What features do Tessaract’s practice management system have?
Tessaract has case management, client engagement, project management, data and document management, accounting and finance, and analytics features that enable you to achieve workflow efficiency and focus your time on what matters most – practising law.
How do I transfer my data and documents to my new system?
Our professional services team will assist in data migration from another case management solution to our software so that you don’t have to do it manually. This saves you vital time and money and ensures seamless integration of Tessaract’s software into your existing procedures.
Does Tessaract support API Integrations?
Our software is customizable to your specific needs and integrates your existing tools or potential ones. Our core mission is to help you enhance your workflow to focus on more important tasks relating to casework. Our professional services team can even help implement the API bridge if required.
What can I expect for customer support?
Our dedicated team of customer success specialists, based locally in the UK and in Singapore, are always here to help with any issues you may face. All Tessaract users can reach our team through chat or email.
How much does Tessaract cost?

Tessaract is one of the most affordable business management products on the market. We strive to keep our costs low while maintaining quality so our clients can continue receiving the best without breaking the bank. Your business might also qualify for PSG.


Power your business today

Tessaract is the operating system that powers your business. Power your business and accelerate growth today.