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Highly flexible and cutting-edge platform

“We were impressed that Tessaract could cover so many bases for us and particularly liked the depth of functionality and flexibility of the Accounting module.

We are thrilled to partner with Tessaract, an innovator in practice management solutions.

The move into cloud computing allows us to optimise our operations, strengthen our internal capabilities, and ultimately deliver exceptional service to our clients.”

Read the full press release here and here.

Ashkhan Candey
Managing Partner at CANDEY
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All-in-one solution

"We were impressed with Tessaract’s all-in-one solution and the flexibility of their approach.

At Conexus Law our focus is on delivering quality advice to our clients, and we are confident that the Tessaract platform will reinforce our ability to do this as well as help us scale the business over the coming years.

There is much synergy between Conexus Law and Tessaract as we are both challenger brands in markets dominated by larger players."

Read the full press release here and here.

Victoria Skidmore
Finance and Operations Director at Conexus Law

"The flexibility and robustness of Tessaract's system is, for us what stands out from other software solutions."

Esther Wee
Head of IP, Harry Elias Partnership LLP
Key Growth Driver

"Tessaract.io has been a key driver for growing our firm, improving our lawyer to paralegal ratio from 2:1 to 4:1."

Mark Teng
Executive Director, That.Legal LLC
Revenue Growth

"An easy yet sophisticated, up-to-date system that has contributed to a 20% year-on-year revenue growth."

Yingyu Wang
Managing Director, Taylor Vinters Via LLC
Increased Billable Hours

"Our lawyers have significantly increased billable hours by reducing manual and repetitive tasks. Tessaract provides the platform to grow even more aggressively in the future."

Oon and Bazul