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  • Get from time recorded to cash collected in record time with Tessaract

  • Tessaract is a disruptor in the UK Practice Management System space dedicated to bringing new choice to small and mid-sized UK law firms.


  • Tessaract is the new, all-in-one, cloud-native Practice Management System built to reduce lock-up and put you in control of firm finances. We enable you to build custom workflows to automate your processes with our highly configurable platform.
  • Our mission is to help law firms grow by building software which allows them to maximise capacity and convert work in progress to invoices in record time.


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What our UK customers say

Highly flexible and cutting-edge platform

"We were impressed that Tessaract could cover so many bases for us and particularly liked the depth of functionality and flexibility of the Accounting module.

We are thrilled to partner with Tessaract, an innovator in practice management solutions. By adopting Tessaract's highly flexible and cutting-edge platform, we are positioning ourselves at the forefront of legal innovation in the UK.

The move into cloud computing allows us to optimise our operations, strengthen our internal capabilities, and ultimately deliver exceptional service to our clients.”

Ashkhan Candey, Managing Partner at CANDEY

Read the full press release here and here.

All-in-one solution

“We were impressed with Tessaract’s all-in-one solution and the flexibility of their approach.

At Conexus Law our focus is on delivering quality advice to our clients, and we are confident that the Tessaract platform will reinforce our ability to do this as well as help us scale the business over the coming years.

There is much synergy between Conexus Law and Tessaract as we are both challenger brands in markets dominated by larger players.”

Victoria Skidmore, Finance and Operations Director at Conexus Law

Read the full press release here and here.

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How we see the UK PMS space

The last few years has seen the UK legal technology market awash with news of acquisitions of once thriving, independent PMS vendors by large software providers. And so today the PMS market is dominated by several legacy providers of ageing tech.

Who we work with

We’re typically engaged by Managing Partners, CEOs, COOs and Practice Directors of successful and ambitious firms who know that their current technology stack is a bottleneck for growth.

They’re frustrated about this and wonder “How much more successful could my firm be with the right technology at my team’s disposal?

We have a deep understanding of the challenges facing growing small and mid-sized law firms. So we’re hyper focused on developing our Practice Management System to address the specific concerns and challenges facing these firms - with a focus on scaling.


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If you’re struggling with and frustrated by any of the following items, then maybe we can help

  • The time and resources wasted on repetitive, manual tasks and workarounds born out of the limitations of your tech
  • Lock-up: the lag between work done, work invoiced for and cash in the bank
  • Your inability to surface data and generate reports to help with firm management and strategy
  • Clunky, inflexible, slow and underperforming on-prem systems
  • Unexpected price increases or opaque pricing despite declining service, training and support levels



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How is Tessaract helping CANDEY to improve their client experience, supercharge reporting and free up their cash flow?


Despite CANDEY’s recent successes, Ashkhan Candey and his team knew they could be performing at a higher level.

With the firm’s cash tied up in invoicing and the potential for billing errors to sow seeds of mistrust with clients - it was clear their legacy Practice Management System (PMS) was the problem.

And so began CANDEY’s search for a new PMS to match their ambitions.


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