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Frequently asked questions

Is Tessaract UK-based?

Tessaract launched in Singapore in 2020, quickly establishing a strong market presence.

This success and the support of our investors encouraged us to enter the large and strategically important UK market in 2022. 

Our primary focus for the foreseeable future is expansion in the UK with the goal of bringing something new and different to a market dominated by non-cloud legacy providers.

Does Tessaract understand the UK market?

Tessaract is a practice management platform tailored to the UK market.

Our customers and experiences working in the UK are vital to the development of our technology and inspire most of our regular innovations and updates.

How much does Tessaract cost?

Please contact us for specific pricing.

What does the sales / implementation process look like?

Here's our process in six simple steps:

  1. Demo / Discovery call
  2. Define scope of migration
  3. Onboarding & training
  4. Migration
  5. Go live!
  6. Ongoing support
How long does implementation take?

Typically 3 to 4 months from start to finish as compared with an industry average of 6 to 12 months.

How are my firm's data and documents migrated to Tessaract?

Our pre-Sales and Professional Services teams work with your firm to define the scope of the migration.

Afterwards, your team is onboarded and receives training on using Tessaract using a mixture of your firm's own and dummy data.

Once training is completed and your firm is happy to proceed, the final migration is conducted following which your team will be allocated a fixed period of time to review and flag up any issues with the data and documents on the system.

How long does it take to migrate my firm’s data?

Typically 4 to 6 weeks as compared with an industry average of 12 to 16 weeks.

Does Tessaract support API integrations?

Tessaract is customisable to your specific needs and integrates seamlessly with the tools your firm uses now and those you'll use in the future.

If necessary, our Professional Services team are on hand to implement the API bridge.

What can I expect in terms of user support?

Our dedicated Customer Success team is always available to support with any issues your team may face.

Tessaract users can reach out to our Customer Success team via chat or email.

What is Tessaract’s approach to data jurisdiction and storage?

With regards to cloud storage, we partner with AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Both partners have servers located globally and so in the instance of a customer of ours being a UK law firm, their data will be stored in a UK-based server as standard.

We’re new, cloud-native, specialist and growing.  We are dedicated to bringing new choice to UK law firms. Our mission is to help them grow by building software which allows them to maximise their capacity to serve existing and new clients.

We’re new, cloud-native, specialist and growing.  We are dedicated to bringing new choice to ambitious professional services firms. Our mission is to help them grow by building software which allows them to maximise their capacity to serve existing and new clients.


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You’ll work with our team of experts on a personal basis to guarantee:  

  1. A smooth onboarding and training phase to get your team up to speed with Tessaract’s next generation technology platform
  2. A successful transition phase, including data migration
  3. Ongoing support and training to ensure high adoption and usage rates and to educate your team about any new features or future changes to the platform - as we evolve and improve