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One platform,
endless possibilities

Unlock a range of benefits for your insurance company.

  • Bring your claims handling process into the 21st century with digitized claims throughout the lifecycle.
  • Optimize efficiency and productivity through easy-to-use and straightforward automation across your range of responsibilities.
  • Engage more meaningfully and personally with clients for a more personal claims experience.
  • Cut costs and boost processing speed with personalized solutions custom-tailored specifically for your insurance software needs.
  • Take claims data and turn it into actionable, accurate insights.
  • Build a single system view so your entire team can collaborate effectively regardless of location or time differences.
  • Easily set up and monitor various KPIs based on your business’s unique needs.
  • Provide a single, cloud-based workflow where team members can access anytime and from anywhere for improved collaboration.

Tessaract Insurance Software


Gain a holistic view of a claim

Consolidate important data and information for a more comprehensive perspective of a claim. This big-picture analysis will result in better decision-making skills and a more efficient workflow overall. Tessaract can work with various software to extract important data to put it all in a single organized and secure place.


Become proactive about claims management

Tessaract’s insurance software makes it easier to investigate, organize, and act upon claims for improved productivity, better customer service, and more efficiency overall. Instead of bouncing around between software, you’ll have everything you need in a single, organized, and personalized space.


Make smarter decisions quickly

With programmable and customizable performance metrics, you’ll have no trouble staying up to date with the relevant measurements that dictate important decisions. Through our advanced insurance software, you can better understand individual claims, predict outcomes more accurately, and take proactive steps to improve performance.


Track your team’s progress with customizable KPIs

Easily stay on top of your business’s performance with various KPIs that are entirely personalised to your unique goals. You’ll receive accurate and routine reports regarding these preset performance metrics, so you’re always up to date. When your insurance company’s objectives change, or you want to use an additional measurement, switch in and out these metrics with the click of a button. Say goodbye to complicated mathematics and hours of wasted time.


Your all-in-one insurance software

It’s not uncommon for insurance agencies to adopt a variety of software to boost their productivity and efficiency without seeing much results. Without a cureall solution, these various programs and applications can end up causing more harm than good. Tessaract is designed to replace all of the insurance software platforms, and apps businesses use so you can optimize and solidify your process. This makes it easier for your employees to function and ensures your clients always know what to expect.


Spend less time in front of computers and more time with clients

Face-to-face time is essential when working in the insurance industry. Patients expect a certain level of personability, familiarity, and openness when dealing with such important events and large sums of money. Tessaract gives insurance companies the automation and efficiency needed to spend less time on menial tasks so they can spend more of it one-on-one with clients. This seemingly small change can significantly impact client retention, customer satisfaction, and even agent enjoyment.

Hit targets quicker, serve clients better, operate more efficiently

Learn how Tessaract can accelerate your insurance business’s growth. Our insurance software is the perfect addition to your insurance company with seamless integration into your current workflow and state-of-the-art technology. Not sure how it all works or interested in seeing it put into action? No problem! We offer a full demo completely FREE, so you can better understand how your company can benefit from implementing Tessaract.

Frequenty asked questions

Can Tessaract be customised to the unique needs of my company?
Yes! You should never tweak your workflows to fit your tools. We built Tessaract as a fully customisable solution to fit your SOPs or workflow.
Does Tessaract offer customer support?
We do! Our dedicated team of customer success specialists, based locally in Singapore, are always here to help with any issues you may face. All Tessaract users can reach our team through chat or email. 
My firm is a multi-national company with thousands of employees. Can we use Tessaract?
Yes, Tessaract has already been implemented at many large firms to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and work seamlessly. Find out more about Tessaract for Enterprise.
Are there any grants available?
Tessaract is a pre-approved PSG vendor. You might be eligible to receive up to 80% funding support. Find out more about PSG.

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