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A fund accounting service as quick as the markets

Relevant factors can change on a dime in the market, requiring fund managers to remain agile by automating administrative tasks, streamlining workflows, and combining platform capabilities. Tessaract allows investors to remain vigilant for the perfect opportunities to arise in the market. No more waiting until it's too late and watching prime entries pass by you and your clients. Get the flexibility you need to stay on your toes for maximum returns.

Turnkey fund accounting services
without any coding

Tessaract is a plug-and-go software allowing fund managers to unlock world-class capabilities with a seamless learning curve. It's intuitively designed for quick adoption and mastery so you can use it with confidence, and your customers can more readily trust you in your expertise.

Find better entry points

Investments are time-sensitive. Even a seemingly minor delay can cost your fund a percentage of ROI. Cut out repetitive and admin-related tasks, so you have more time to focus on allocating funds in the right places at the right times.

Meet your clients'
ever-changing needs

Staying up-to-date with customer demands is one of the most important measurements of a fund manager's success. Tessaract makes it easier for your entire team to collaborate efficiently and effectively from anywhere and at any time so you can better serve your clients.

Make it through audits smoother and quicker

Let's face it. Audits are an absolute headache. You're perfectly willing to comply with these essential checks, but they slow down your workflow and damage your team's productivity. By putting all of your fund accounting information in a single platform, Tessaract makes for smoother, quicker, and pain-free audits. Regulators will appreciate it, and your team will too!

Get the info you need to make smarter decisions

The back-end of fund accounting plays a decisive role in the management of investment funds. It determines how much investment you can take on and quickly identifies the amount of money owed. With key performance metrics, regularly reporting, and accurate measurements, Tessaract makes it easier for fund managers to stay up-to-date with their current standing for better decision-making.

The Tessaract advantages

Optimized data & document management

Keeping track of all the relevant documents from various clients can hinder your daily operations. Offload some of that burden by taking advantage of Tessaract's online file sharing and storage solutions. Securely manage current documents and quickly and effortlessly generate new ones with dozens of templates for various uses. With an advanced search filter, you'll have no trouble finding exactly what your business needs.

Full-serve accounting solution

Fund accounting is no walk in the park, given the amount of capital being moved around and the sheer number of transactions being made. With Tessaract, you can access all the professional accounting solutions you'll need in a single place. You'll have a host of advantages at your disposal, including automated invoices, bill adjustments, payment reminders, case management software, and much, much more.

Accurate & real-time analytics

Performance tracking is an essential component of fund accounting management. The amount of capital flowing in and out and the knowledge of where it's going plays an integral role in the growth of your client's investments. Instead of managing various metrics, put all the KPIs in a single place for seamless organization. Easily create automated reports so you're always up to date on the latest changes, and silly change the metrics to suit your most current business goals.

See how Tessaract can benefit your fund accounting efforts

We’re the best fund accounting software in the industry. But don’t just take our word for it! Get quick and easy access to our solutions through our FREE demo to experience how Tessaract can improve your workflow and productivity.

Frequenty asked questions

Can Tessaract be customised to the unique needs of my company?
Yes! You should never tweak your workflows to fit your tools. We have built Tessaract as a fully customisable solution to fit your SOPs or workflow.
Does Tessaract offer customer support?
We do! Our dedicated team of customer success specialists, based locally in Singapore, are always here to help with any issues you may face. All Tessaract users can reach our team through chat or email. 
My firm is a multi-national company with thousands of employees. Can we use Tessaract?
Yes, Tessaract has already been implemented at many large firms. Find out more about Tessaract for Enterprise.
Are there any grants available?
Tessaract is a pre-approved PSG vendor. You might be eligible to receive up to 80% funding support. Find out more about PSG.

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