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Business management made easy

Running a business is hard. Unfortunately, many owners never find a way to get ahead of the game and always play catch-up. Such inefficiencies prevent most businesses from reaching their full potential.

Tessaract is a holistic business management software specifically designed to help business owners, managers, and other upper-level roles run their organisations more efficiently.


Industry agnostic solutions for widespread adoption

Business management is a universal foundation of any company, regardless of industry. The Tessaract business management software is effective for helping any business improve their operations with increased oversight, enhanced productivity, better collaboration, and so much more.

Don’t waste time, money, and energy searching for an unnecessarily complicated and overpriced “solution”. Sometimes, simple is better. And this is one of those times.

A full-fledged business management software

Tessaract comes with everything you need in business management software and nothing you don't.
You'll have the resources and insights you need to take your business to the next level.



There's a good chance your everyday business processes are plagued with inefficiencies that end up costing you valuable investments both financially and timewise. With our comprehensive business management software, you'll have a clear understanding of what's working and what isn't. No more guesswork. Trade the troubleshooting for clear, decisive, and effective action.


No matter your industry or the size of your business, it always feels like you're falling behind in an attempt to keep track of all the moving parts. You have your daily to-dos to worry about, your employee responsibilities to keep track of, and customer needs to attend to. Through Tessaract's business management software, you can easily manage and organise all of your functions to make sure nothing slips through.


Worthwhile business management software isn't just about doing what you do now better. It's also about improving your business overall for further growth and development. Tesseract easily scales along with your business's upward trajectory meaning you can always maintain improved organisation, efficiency, and insights for better productivity and a healthier bottom line. There's no limit to the success you can achieve with this comprehensive and personalised software.

An all-In-one business
management software

Your team already has enough to worry about. Don’t add to the confusion by adopting more software than necessary. With Tessaract, you’re getting the value of dozens of software in one convenient and accessible place. Here are some of the main advantages of our business management software.

  • Control who accesses what with security solutions, privacy settings, and advanced permissions. Create custom roles for every member of the team.
  • Communicate quickly and easily with specific team members or entire groups.
  • Safely store files on cloud systems or DMS.
  • Access files and documents anywhere and at any time.

Enterprise teams are more successful with Tessaract

You rarely find simple, affordable, and manageable software that can concretely improve your business’s success. That’s what makes Tessaract different. Our business management software provides you and your team with all the resources and tools you need to identify pain points, reduce inefficiencies, and improve productivity. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better ROI than our software.

Management solutions for any business need

We offer a wide variety of pricing packages so you can get precisely what you need without having to pay a dime more than you should. Simply choose the tier that best suits your current requirements. You can easily adjust at any point to meet the changing demands of your growing business. Our highly trained, knowledgeable, and personable team members can help you identify the best package based on your current circumstances. We’d be more than happy to walk you through the process.

Get started with Tessaract business management software

Managing your business requires a variety of individual responsibilities. Consolidate these tasks into a single platform for increased oversight, efficiency, and productivity. Tessaract’s business management software is specially designed to implement seamlessly into your current workflow so you and your team can start reaping the benefits of this advanced software right away. Grow your business today.

Frequently asked questions

Can Tessaract be customised to the unique needs of my company?
Yes! You should never tweak your workflows to fit your tools. We built Tessaract as a fully customisable solution to fit your SOPs or workflow.
Does Tessaract offer customer support?
We do! Our dedicated team of customer success specialists, based locally in Singapore, are always here to help with any issues you may face. All Tessaract users can reach our team through chat or email. 
My firm is a multi-national company with thousands of employees. Can we use Tessaract?
Yes, Tessaract has already been implemented at many large firms. Find out more about Tessaract for Enterprise.
Are there any grants available?

Tessaract is a pre-approved PSG vendor. You might be eligible to receive up to 80% funding support. Find out about PSG.


Power your business today

Tessaract is the operating system that powers your business.
Power your business and accelerate growth today.