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We put time back in your lawyers' day



Forget the phrase “it's not the best use of my time”.

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes and repetitive admin tasks to be more efficient and productive with Tessaract.io.


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Helping law firms (and their clients) embrace complex data and process.


Data and process complexity are common features of legal projects.

And managing everything can be hard - from collection and compilation,

all the way to analysis and interpretation.

But harnessing your data's full potential, while maintaining control, is essential.

Go from data overload to data-driven decision-making, and take your clients along

for the ride with Tessaract’s Legal Process Management (LPM) capabilities.


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Watch this 1 minute video for an introduction to Tessaract’s Legal Process Management (LPM) capabilities.


Example use cases



Manage and assess collateral assets

Class Action


Organise, manage, plan

Asset Management

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Manage property portfolios



Manage creditors and all associated data

Using Tessaract LPM

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Get your team up and running fast

Tessaract complements and connects to your existing tech stack and data sources.

Our Professional Services (PS) team will lead your onboarding to ensure speedy adoption.

Ingest unwieldy data sets so you're ready to start making sense of your information!

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Let Tessaract do the 'heavy lifting'

Tessaract allows professional services firms and enterprises to manage complex, data-intensive projects requiring multiple processes to run concurrently.

Work with our PS team to begin the journey towards analysing and interpreting your data.

  1. Organise the data
  2. Define your work processes
  3. Automate them
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Enjoy the fruits of Tessaract's labour!

Build rich dashboards to help you:

  1.  help you make faster, better-informed decisions
  2.  share insights with your clients.

An ultra-configurable SaaS process management and workflow automation platform combining...

Data Analytics & Reports

Build rich dashboards and reports to uncover and visualise key insights to help you make faster, better-informed decisions.

Slice, dice and analyse your data every which way

✓ Tessaract is a relational database, built to connect and empower your data

✓ Users can search, retrieve and run complex queries with ease

Accurately visualise and present insights and results

✓ Monitor projects in real-time

✓ Display data insights and results following analysis.

✓ Seamlessly insert custom data models into Tessaract.io's user interface for ease of access and use.

Workflow Automation

Automate routine, repetitive work to afford your team the capacity to prioritise tasks requiring their expertise and experience.

✓ Every business is different, and every practice within each organisation has its own requirements

✓ Off-the-shelf solutions tend to addresss general rather than specific problems

✓ Tessaract allows businesses to configure and build out custom workflows, that help turbocharge their organisation's productivity.


Collaboration and Task Management

Message colleagues, assign tasks, monitor and approve progress.

Communicate Effectively 

✓ No need to leave the Tessaract.io platform: use Chat to collaborate with colleagues

✓ Keep all project communications unified

Manage Tasks In-app

✓ Assign and approve Tasks

✓ Display Project progress in our unique Project TimeLine

✓ Eliminate duplication of work and save time!

Reliability, Security & Connectivity

Incredible Customer Support

✓ Our experienced and knowledgeable success team is available to help you keep everything running smoothly. Any time you have a question or concern, we're here to help.


✓ Tessaract is deployed with information security standards that are in line with global best practices to keep sensitive customer information secure. Rest assured that cyberattacks and cybercriminals will be kept at bay.

Numerous Integrations

✓ Do you already have a functional workflow that’s crucial to your company's ongoing success? Tessaract.io is designed to function alongside your software and applications, allowing for smooth implementation.

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How we work


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Define scope of migration


Onboarding & training




Go live!


Ongoing support

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Go from data overload to data-driven decision-making

and take your clients along for the ride.

Frequently asked questions

How is my firm's data transferred to Tessaract?

Our pre-Sales and Professional Services teams work with your firm to define the scope of the migration.

Afterwards, your team is onboarded and receives training on using Tessaract.io using a mixture of your firm's own and dummy data.

Once training is completed and your firm is happy to proceed, the final migration is conducted following which your team will be allocated a fixed period of time to review and flag up any issues with the data on the platform.

Does Tessaract support API Integrations?

Tessaract is customisable to your specific needs and integrates seamlessly with the existing and future tools your firm uses.

And if needed, our Professional Services team are on hand to implement the API bridge.

How secure is the Tessaract application?

Security is a priority for Tessaract. We leverage the inbuilt security layers of Microsoft Azure / Amazon AWS (we can deploy on either), and we are ISO27001 accredited. We also off two-factor authentication as standard.

What can I expect for customer support?

Our dedicated Customer Success team is always available to support with any issues your team may face.

Tessaract users can reach our Customer Success team via chat or email.

How much does Tessaract cost?

Please contact us for specific pricing. Pricing will depend on the scope of your project.