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Tessaract: a cloud-native platform to automate workflows for law firms

Practice & Case Management

A new, all-in-one, cloud-native Practice & Case Management System built to maximise the capacity of your small to mid-sized law firm.

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Legal Process Management

An ultra-configurable, process management and workflow automation platform.  

A HighQ alternative built to harness client data to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

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What our UK Customers Say

Disrupting a market

"It’s also great, as a young business ourselves, to support another new business as, like us, they go about disrupting a market dominated by larger players.” 

Read the full press release here.

Ed Cooke, Managing Partner at Conexus Law

Innovator in PMS

"We are thrilled to partner with Tessaract, an innovator in practice management solutions.”

Read the full press release here.

Ashkhan Candey, Managing Partner at CANDEY


About Us

Tessaract is a disruptor in a UK legal technology space dominated by legacy providers of ageing tech.

We’re new, cloud-native, specialist and growing.

And we’re significantly more nimble than they are.

We are dedicated to bringing new choice to UK law firms. Our mission is to help them grow by building software to maximise their capacity to serve existing and new clients.

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Some of the partners we work with
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How is Tessaract helping CANDEY to improve their client experience, supercharge reporting and free up their cash flow?


Despite CANDEY’s recent successes, Ashkhan Candey and his team knew they could be performing at a higher level.

With the firm’s cash tied up in invoicing and the potential for billing errors to sow seeds of mistrust with clients - it was clear their legacy Practice Management System (PMS) was the problem.

And so began CANDEY’s search for a new PMS to match their ambitions.


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