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Medium-Sized businesses

Accelerate your business’s growth
with world-class management

Automate core tasks, streamline everyday processes, and focus on revenue-boosting activities for optimised growth.


Break out of your stagnation

Has your business been stuck in the same position despite your best efforts? The problem isn’t your dedication. It’s the limited amount of time you have to manage a seemingly infinite number of tasks. That’s where Tessaract can help! We’ve built a world-class business management software designed explicitly so companies can automate time-consuming tasks, eliminate inefficiencies, and double down on growth strategies.

Get a growth solution that scales with your business

Your business’s needs change over time. What works right now won’t necessarily work in the future. You need management software that’s flexible enough to scale alongside your business to continue meeting its ever-changing needs. Tessaract is specifically designed to provide unrivalled value at all stages of your business’s growth, so you don’t have to go searching for a new solution at every new level of development.

Why you should choose Tessaract

Unlock business growth

Expand your business’s activities by freeing up time with automated tasks.

Increase efficiency across the board

Speed up various business functions for a streamlined workflow for improved productivity overall.

Implement solutions quickly and hassle-free

Forget about annoying coding or programming requirements. Tessaract implements seamlessly and simply into your current workflow.

Put everything you need in one place

Running a business requires a lot of management. Stop relying on various programs and software to improve your company’s productivity. With Tessaract, you can get all of the organisation and management solutions you need in one place.


Manage your entire business on Tessaract. 

  • Sales management
  • Client management
  • Project management
  • Full-fledge accounting
  • Human resources

Receive robust PSG funding

When you adopt the Tessaract software into your business workflow, you could qualify for up to 80% funding through the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). This additional funding could help your business grow quicker and more efficiently while saving money.


Frequenty asked questions

Will Tessaract suit my business’s needs?
Tessaract is specially designed to address every business’s unique needs. It’s completely customisable to ensure it fits within your current workflow and meets your company’s everyday demands.
Can I upgrade as my business grows?
There’s no need to upgrade or buy anything new when using Tessaract. You’ll have everything you need for any stage of business growth within the same software. It scales seamlessly with your business.
Is it difficult to learn to use Tessaract?

We’ve designed Tessaract for simple, hassle-free, and quick integration into your current workflow. Your team will have no problem mastering the user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality. Also, our professional services team will help your team get onboard through training and onboarding.


Scale your business to
new levels of success

Tessaract is designed to suit your business’s needs at all stages of growth. Schedule a free demo today to see how your company can benefit. One of our knowledgeable reps will help you determine the best solution for you.