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New Features

Feature Spotlight - Case Timeline

Meet Tessaract’s Case Timeline - cards tagged with important case elements visually displayed in chronological order.

Just imagine…

All important case tasks and elements in one place - emails, files, meetings, time entries and expenses, etc. 🤗

Feature Spotlight - Kanban Board

In this week’s Feature Spotlight episode💡, we bring you Tessaract’s Kanban Board.

A task management tool that allows you to drag and drop individual task cards between columns based on their stage of completion - ‘Open’, ‘In progress’, ‘In review’, ‘Done’.

Helping you track the progress of individual tasks AND providing new ways for you to analyse, manage and review groups of tasks.🤓💃

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Feature Spotlight - Homepage Dashboard

Introducing Tessaract’s Homepage Dashboard - customised with links to the sections of the platform you use most and headlined with colourful panels to help you track your key performance metrics, like total time invoiced, total hours billed or any metric important to you.

Built with your day-to-day in mind to save you time searching for what you need:

- Convenient links to the rest of the platform, and drill-downs to detailed reports 📊
- A handy task list ✍
- Helpful panels tracking key performance metrics 🎯



Tessaract’s  Homepage Dashboard - Thumbnail
Feature Spotlight - In-app Chat

In this penultimate post of the Feature Spotlight series 💡, we bring you Tessaract’s In-app Chat - create dedicated chat channels for specific Cases or open up general conversations…

Every chat exchange is linked to the record so nothing’s lost.⛓️

Upload files, pin chats: just like having in-app Slack or Teams.

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Feature Spotlight - Client Portal

In our final post in this Feature Spotlight series 💡, let’s chat about Tessaract’s Client Portal - a customisable portal for you to share with your clients so they may monitor progress of and collaborate on their cases.

Deliver an exceptional client experience on your terms:

- Control the information and elements displayed 🪄
- Control who has access and their level of access, e.g. read-only 🔐
- Enjoy a consistent collaborative process with all clients 👯
- Keep clients updated - forget “circling back”, “following up” and “apologies for chasing”. 🙋‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️

Thumbnail - Client Portal

We’re new, cloud-native, specialist and growing.  We are dedicated to bringing new choice to UK law firms. Our mission is to help them grow by building software which allows them to maximise their capacity to serve existing and new clients.

We’re new, cloud-native, specialist and growing.  We are dedicated to bringing new choice to ambitious professional services firms. Our mission is to help them grow by building software which allows them to maximise their capacity to serve existing and new clients.


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You’ll work with our team of experts on a personal basis to guarantee:  

  1. A smooth onboarding and training phase to get your team up to speed with Tessaract’s next generation technology platform
  2. A successful transition phase, including data migration
  3. Ongoing support and training to ensure high adoption and usage rates and to educate your team about any new features or future changes to the platform - as we evolve and improve