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  • Leverage their expertise and experience to practice, maximise billable hours and realise growth opportunities.

  • Eliminate time-consuming manual processes and repetitive admin tasks to achieve peak operational efficiency with Tessaract...

  • ...the complete, all-in-one, cloud-native Practice & Case Management System (PCMS) to grow your small to medium-sized law or professional services firm.



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Frequently asked questions

How are my firm's data and documents migrated to Tessaract?

Our pre-Sales and Professional Services teams work with your firm to define the scope of the migration.

Afterwards, your team is onboarded and receives training on using Tessaract using a mixture of your firm's own and dummy data.

Once training is completed and your firm is happy to proceed, the final migration is conducted following which your team will be allocated a fixed period of time to review and flag up any issues with the data and documents on the system.

Does Tessaract support API integrations?

Tessaract is customisable to your specific needs and integrates seamlessly with the existing and future tools your firm uses.

And if needed, our Professional Services team are on hand to implement the API bridge.

What can I expect in terms of user support?

Our dedicated Customer Success team is always available to support with any issues your team may face.

Tessaract users can reach our Customer Success team via chat or email.

How much does Tessaract cost?

Please contact us for specific pricing.